judy nandikove global ministries


I minister to children through my school and also Sunday church school being on Africa Quaker Religious Education Collaborative and creating stories of peace through Friends Peace Teams.


Being a Quaker and a travelling minster I have been hosted in different homes of Quakers all over the world and from Quaker Theology I learnt that Margret Fell used to host missionaries during their visit in England and those on transit to other places at Swarthmoor Hall.  I was motivated by this and though being near the International Airport and in the capital city Nairobi, Kenya I can emulate the same and host some Quaker friends and missionaries in my Quaker homes which I sometimes call Swarthmoor Hall or PendaHill, of which the donations I get from friends will go along supporting the above ministries.


The training center has facilities to host meeting like for Africa Quaker Religious Collaborative, Quaker Spring, Quaker women training of re – usable sanitary pad and many others


I looked at this to be sustainable in supporting my ministry thus I started construction and below are some of the photos of the construction which is being supported by various friends giving in donations. I know through the help of friends it will be through and it will serve the purpose which is meant for. 

photo gallery