judy nandikove global ministries


I minister to children through my school and also Sunday church school being on Africa Quaker Religious Education Collaborative and creating stories of peace through Friends Peace Teams.


Having struggled to be educated in my early years I was compelled to start a school which supports the less priviledged in the society. Mostly I admit small children between age 2 to around 14 years. We have also intergrated children living with disabilities.  We provide stationaries, like books pencils, sharpeners, charts, crayons and we need dolls and other playing materials like construction blocks among others.  We offer Meals which includes porridge, tea/ drinking chocolate and lunch.  In most cases no fees is being paid as most of the families live on less than a dollar per day, thus we depend on the well-wishers.   



I am introducing a programme called ‘EDUCATE A CHILD ERADICATE POVERTY’ where whoever is moved with this programme comes in and support in terms of uniform, fees, stationary and meals for one or more children.