judy nandikove global ministries


I minister to children through my school and also Sunday church school being on Africa Quaker Religious Education Collaborative and creating stories of peace through Friends Peace Teams.


We run this organization as a family with few friends to ensure there is Food Security, Health Security, Water Security and Affordable Housing.



As explained earlier as I was growing up in most cases we had no food to eat thus I thought to educate families on how the can have enough food throughout the year and this food should be organic for good health.  I teach families how to make compost manure from droplets of chicken, goat, urine from the rabbits, water from fish ponds to grow organic food.  Also the compost manure preserve nutrients in the soil which is key to Earth Care. This can be done even with small farms, or planting crops like kales and spinach in sacks. I do encourage crop rotation and also indigenous foods. They do poultry farming, goats and rabbit keeping fish pond and also have trainings on how to cook some of the food to preserve nutrients.












Water is key for life, thus we encourage water harvesting during rainy seasons using water tanks and this water can be used for consumption, irrigation on our farms during droughts and also to keep the environment clean.



Our health is key in order to run other errants in life. I encourage families to plant their own crops as mentioned on food security for you to know the source of most of the food you are feeding on. I encourage families to plant trees like moringa which has medicinal benefits

Hygiene is a key factor here and in many communities women and girls have suffered due to lack of sanitary pads during their menstrual circles.  I empower women and girls how to make re-usable Sanitary Pads, We have a group of Quaker women whom I work with and during my travels I have realized there is a need to educate women and girls on this as in some cultures they are handled in a cruel manner. Researchers report says that many unwanted pregnancies are caused because of lack of sanitary towels which girls are desperate looking for leading school drop-out, abortion, suicide, early marriages.  We intent to reach out to women in prisons, Schools and in homes having girls living with disability. 


  1. Affordable Shelters


Shelter being one of the basic need in a family and through my experience in the communities I realized it is one of the challenge some families face.  Despite of them having food when they are rained on or sleep in the cold it is still a great challenge thus do help to construct affordable houses which has four rooms which includes sitting room, two bedrooms and kitchen.